Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun FMQing...

This Patio Table centerpiece...
has been a long time in progress...I believe I did this FMQing in was alot of fun. The cute flowers and squiggly lines are some of my favorite things to why not quilt with them too!
Today I hope to FMQ some leaves onto some (masculine) coasters that are belated Father's Day gifts. Hope everyone is having a great summer...and staying (at least) somewhat cool!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Some photos of the past weekend

Sorry - I posted this in the wrong spot - but will leave it here for now - this is really in my blog

Andrea and her brother Patrick busy in the kitchen

Andrea cooking Monday nights dinner...she did a great job!
The wine was mine - not hers :)

Good news and bad.
The good news is Mal at last has an answer to his pain problem...the bad news is it  a benign tumor in his spine.  The Doctor doesnt think its malignant as he would have been paralized by now...
but he needs an operation ASAP to prevent that happening,so that is in the very near future.
As the tunour is growing - the pain is worse each day.
So ... sewing time is still a mystery to me  as I still have my Nurses hat on ..but  I am intending to try to get to the FNSI at least.

When Andrew was here over the weekend, we were telling him about our frog that spent any sunshine during the day sitting on the rocks...
So he named it Vodka - on the rocks :) :)
Vodka is very timid and jumps in the pond if he sees us coming.

Also doing an online QW couse , which is again time. 

My apologies if I have not answered some comments...

Catch up again if I actually get something done :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baltimore Album Finished

Ok so the main reason I joined the challenge was to get good enough with the FMQ skills to quilt my Baltimore Album by myself on my little ol' DMS.  And guess what I finally finished.  After over 3 years, it's done, woohooo!  Now time to move on to something  a bit easier for while!

Still FMQing

I’m still working on Mom’s quilt.  I’ve finished all the feathers inside the wreaths. 


Now I’m working on the setting triangles.  I’ve fallen in love with this quilt.  I see one in my future.

What are you working on?