Sunday, May 29, 2011

FMQ - Feathered Star

Last week I finished my Feathered Star quilt. This is by far my favorite of all my quilts. I made it for my dining table. I am learning to use my Bernina BSR it makes FMQ more enjoyable and less stress on my hands, arms and shoulders. This challenge has been wonderful, thank you Myra!

A little something to share

I did it, I jumped and did some free form feathers on a full size quilt. I also tried McTavishing (or some loose interpretation of that!). Very excited about the progress. I'm about half way done. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have been able to do this without joining in the FMQ challenge.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Still FMQing

This is my most recent FMQ project.  I have to say that making the design around the Coffee cup was a blast! Is anyone else still FMQing?
I’m on vacation right now, so I’ll be playing and catching up and learning how to repair my machine.  Tomorrow, Mom and I are making Hurricane quilts together.  It’s a lot like a Round Robin, but different.  It’s simple:  You’re given an object to sew, like pinwheels or squares.  Then you sew like a hurricane to get those made and added to your quilt in an hour.  At the end of the hour, you’re given another object to make and add to your quilt for an hour.  People tend to use big blocks for small quilts when making these.  They also tend to use up spare parts (extra unused blocks or partial blocks)… which would be the point here.  You can start with a center block or not.  You can medallion or make whatever your little heart desires.  It’s ALL good.  Quilting comes later.
Anyone else want to play?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Colleen - Day 13 & 14 photos

On day 13 and 14 I finished the quilting on my quilt. I am so proud of it. I know I would have quilted it without this challenge, but it was fun to quilt it and show my pictures to every one. It was a fun challenge. Thanks to everyone.

Click on the photos to get a closer look at the quilting.

I love how the wool batting makes the design puff up like trapundo. This looks so pretty on the bed.

I will bind it as soon as I can and post the photos of the finished quilt here.

Thanks again to everyone.

Corina Day 14

Blogger is sure having issues! I don't know where my previous post went and couldn't post yesterday. It looks like everyone is having the same issue.

The last day of the challenge. I wish I would have finished off with a bang, but I am in the middle of doing a very simple topper that I was given as a practice. I had an old stencil from years ago so I thought it was about time to use it! At the beginning of this challenge I found my stitch length was all over the place when I would be concentrating on following marked lines. That has improved alot (no more nano stitches!).  Once I finish quilting the border I will make the move to quilting something a little more challenging. I've always wanted to make a wholecloth runner full of feathers for my dining room table. Thanks to this challenge, I am no longer scared to do it!

This has been a great learning experience. My confidence level has increased (thank you all for your encouragement) and my stitching improved.  I want to thank Joanne and Wendy for hosting this challenge.  Maybe in a few months we can all reconnect and see what we've accomplished since this challenge, a FMQ Reunion!

CORINA DAYS 11-13 (Reposting since Blogger seems to have lost my previous post!)
Love using the washout marker
It's getting easier to follow the lines. Going great until.......
Oh Pickles!
  Note to self: When something doesn't feel right, FIND OUT WHY! Me and the frog will be spending some quality time together.

Challenge Drawing Winners

Wendy and I drew the names for the prizes.

Wendy will be sending this lovely book to Sue.

I will be sending this fat quarter bundle to Corina.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants!! It has been another wonderful challenge! We have enjoyed seeing every ones improvements. If we keep at it, imagine how good we will be next year. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Wendy and I are planning on keeping this blog going. We will be hosting different challenges through out the year - so keep an eye out! We hope that participants will keep posting their free motion quilting work on the blog and to encourage each other.

Thanks again to everyone!!

Colleen - Day 13 & 14 not consecutive

I finished my quilting my quilt. I tried to post pictures yesterday, but blogger was down. I am away from home now, but will post asap.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Colleen/Oz day 10 - 12

 The last several days I have been working on a birthday quilt for my youngest grand daughter Payten Hope will be 3 and her party is Sat. I will be at her house and come home Sat so I had to finish it before leaving tomorrow. She asked for a Strawberry Shortcake quilt so here it is! FMQ'd many different designs in the 9 patch blocks and sashing, string of hearts on the pink background, stippling around her name and feathers on the borders. I was so busy I didnt think to post each day.
Wendy and Joanne thank you for the FMQ challenge!

curved feathers

This post is to help Sue with curved feathers or anybody else for that matter. I would post this in the tip section, but I don't have the ability to post there. So if Wendy or Joanne wants to more this there, I am fine with that. Anyway, When you do a inside curved feather you have to modify the base of the feather so that they are slightly wider and change the angel of the top of the feather more to the center of the inside curve. Some people will do a wonky type of feather in doing curved feathers to avoid the long skinny feathers in the curved area. In doing the wonky type you scoop the top out into the blank area and then do a smaller feather to close up the space then do a another feather normally. Always remember to start the feather from the spine with a 45 degree angel where the feather starts its little curve. I hope this makes sense and not to muddy, if anybody wants I will try to clarify more later. Here are a couple of pictures to help, sorry of the poor resolution I took them with my phone.

Cheryl M.

any tricks for curved feathers?

I do fine on the fairly straight feathers, but when I try to put a curve in the feather, the inside of the curve is where I have trouble.  Any help hints out there from you wonderful quilters?

I can't stop with the challenge, you've created a monster!!!  I have another quilt sandwiched and working on it now.  As you might have guessed I'd like to add some curved feathers, IF I can get the whole inside thing figured out, otherwise it will be on to plan B.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colleen - Day 12

Today is more stippling on the outside yellow piece.

Click on the photos for a closer look at the sewing.

Sue asked about the thread I was using.
The stippling thread on top is a yellow Bottom Line by Superior Threads. The bobbin is Gutterman 50 wt.

I used Soft Touch thread by YLI in black on the printed star points and in brown on the black star points. I wanted this quilting to show up a little.
I have used Gutterman 50 wt on all of the bottom and in a tan color.

Wow - reached day 14!

Days 12-13-14 were all pretty much the same for me; working on the jellyroll quilt I started on Day 11. I've still got a long way to go - only small segments are quilted - but I feel pretty satisfied with what I have done.

So hard to see anything on the patterned fabric
And also still a long way to go to get my stitches even and lose those odd jerky movements but I feel so good about carrying on with my free motion quilting journey.
The back of my work

I haven't had much chance to go through the tutorials and links so I look forward to that.
A big thankyou to Joanne and Wendy for hosting this challenge. I have enjoyed it immensely, and enjoyed watching everyone's skills grow too.
Have fun everyone, and keep practising,
PS I can't believe I was brave enough to show my first shakey efforts!! So a big thanks too for creating a 'safe' place to share!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Colleen - Day 11 Stippling

I have finished all the quilting except the stippling. I did the stippling around the star this morning. It is starting to look really nice!

Sue - Day 14 the finale

I finished the snowman quilt!! WooHoo!!!!  Wow I was so glad to finish that one.  I really had to make  myself focus and get that one done, but it's done, washed and packed away.

I quilted mittens on the green border, they aren't perfect.  I was going much too fast, but I'm calling the imperfections "whimsical".  I like that better!

What a great challenge!!  In the last 14 days I got so much practice done, and was so inspired by all the wonderful things people were doing.  I tried things that I wouldn't have otherwise tried and that's always a good thing.  I still have a lot of practice ahead of me, but will do it with much more confidence now.  I got a couple of new books thanks to the links and recommendations that were posted.  I actually have 4 finishes out of the challenge, that is awesome. And a great start on a set of place mats.  Thanks so much for hosting the challenge and the participants for sharing all their wonderful work and tips.  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Colleen - Not Consecutive

Just for your information, my days have not been consecutive. However, I am still trying to reach my own personal goal of quilting 14 days during this challenge. I may not win "the" prize, but have "won" several other things:

1. I have nearly gotten my quilt done.
2. I have better quilting skills.
3. I have gotten better acquainted with some really neat quilters.
4. I have had fun on this blog posting my photos and reading about your experiences.

I think I have WON!!!

Colleen - Day 10

On day 10 I judged the school science fair and came home mentally tired. I didn't want to start the stippling on my quilt so I got out a FMQ practice fabric and did two practice designs.

Corina - Days 4 thru 10

Well I'm finally up and running with the new computer, after mine decided to misbehave yet again! Last weekend I made some needle cases for a swap that I free motion quilted on but i couldn't post until I was reasonably sure my partners received them (there's more about them on my blog).

Monday another needle case. not crazy about how the dots looks with the quilting
Tuesday was feather practice. Flowed a bit better.
The table topper above was given to me as a piece to practice on. It was already bound so I had a bit of an issue transferring markings. I decided to go with sewing through paper (I buy rolls of medical exam paper. it's cheap and very thin). I still have to remove some of the bits. I've only spent a bit of time each day on it. I had tension issues and I had a hard time following the pattern. I wasn't getting into a groove with the rhythm. I couldn't seem to work out where to start and stop on the corner patterns, so there are some spots with quite a few passes of the needle.
Today I finished it. Forgot to take a picture of the front (tomorrow's post)!
It wasn't a super productive week, but I did learn a few things. It's going to take awhile to know which designs look good where, how much to quilt a piece, etc. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Day 13 and 14

On the final two days, I practiced on Kids For Quilts quilts. The first is the fabric they sent me. I did free motion all over. I got curves and stars in!!! It was also the first time that I have zigzagged a binding. In the instructions, it said to quilt heavily for heavy use. I thought the machine sewing would be studier than hand stitches.

 Quilts For Kids ask if you will send a second quilt also. It was made from a book panel that a friend gave me. She didn't remember how long she had had it...I had never seen it before....but is is so colorful and cute.  I did the pantograph on it. Not all curves and loops are smooth and I still have some problems when the machine bumps the side tensioner clamps. 

Sue - Day 13 - Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!!

Oh I am sooooo close to getting the snowman collector done.  One more day and I know I can do it!  Going to quilt a string of mittens in the green border and then just a curvy line in the last red border to finish things up.