Monday, July 8, 2013

Baby snoopy quilt - FMQ

My great nephew Errol was born in March 2013 in Toronto. His baby snoopy quilt was the ideal place to practice the quilting designs learned in Sew Cal Gal's 2012 FMQ challenge.
The large centre rectangles are the jesters' hats design.
 The yellow slashing is a feather plume with a spriral end.
 The two inch square blue and green four patches are a free hand spiral.
 I used yellow thread for the feathers, blue for the Jesters' hats and spirals.
The backing is 100% cotton baby blue sheeting that is sixty inches wide.
The feathers' centre line was marked using a sewline ceramic pencil and a flexiruler.
 When I make feathers, I stitch the centre line first, then one side of feather plume. 
Next I stitch back down the centre line, make the spiral end of the stem and stitch up the remaining side of the feather.  There are other ways to do feathers, but this method works well for me.
 The inside white border is heart shaped leaves.
 These are quick, easy and fun to stitch.
The outside blue border is a running spiral design.
I completed the binding, embroidering baby's name, my initials and the year.  Now, I'm off to make a matching toy bag to pack the quilt in before mailing it Toronto.  Happy quilting all.