Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April FMQ Challenge with SewCalGal and Don Linn

Alright I gave this a try.   I used a pattern from Custome Curves by Karen McTavish.  It was a bit beyond my skill level, but hey we have to push ourselves from time to time huh?  I used the embroidery hoop from my machine, it's nice and big.    I could only find a teal permanent marker so that's what I had to use, it came up a little light, but I could see it well enough.   Need to get a black one.

Then I traced on the material.  It is really light, but I can see when I'm quilting.  The next time I try this techinque I'll make the lines a bit darker.

And quilted .  Hmm a flash really makes a difference and there is alot of thread on there.  I need more practice following lines.  I did have fun with the fillers though.  I saw on Joan's blog one of her practice pieces had a McTavishing filler with pebbles mixed in, loved it so tried it myself.  Yep, I'll try this technique again and when I'm doing a dense background I'll echo the entire pattern first.  And I'll practice following the line, so hard sometimes :)


corina said...

Wow! I just love it!

balfourray said...

Such a nice embroidery patterns are look so beautiful.It can also print on the materials and make wonderful creation on it.

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Wendy said...

Great job! I love Karen's patterns, too.

Tammy said...

Hi Sue, Your design is beautiful. Very nicely done.

Joan said...

Fantastic Sue - what a long way you have come!!