Thursday, May 10, 2012

May's challenge with Leah Day

This is the front side using purple 100% polyester Isacord thread for the large background stipple.
The pieces with the orange paper are the bottom side.  This exercise was good for practicing sewing straight lines while free motion quilting.  I found covering the entire space while following the first stipple line difficult. The pink thread is Coats 100%polyester trilobal thread.  For  photos of my sample quilt with May's challenge please click on the link.

Happy quilting all.


Mary Ann said...

I looked for Isacord thread, but didn't find any. Did you purchase it online?

Tammy said...

I bought mine at place called "The Sewing Room" in Calgary, Alberta Canada. But yes you can buy it online in fact Leah Day sells Isacord thread in her quilt store.