Friday, June 1, 2012


Completed the quilting on this black WCQ - now it needs to wait a bit for me to get a zip, to make into a cushion!

I learned lots of things NOT to do here...forgot some of the 'ribbons at the sides of the designs.
Didn't get my tension right...This white ares in the centre are the white thread peeking up, and under my signature, I used brown silk in the bobbin - and it cam out brown...too tiny for me to undo!.

Andrea made a video of me quilting the small circles...and I wasted a whole day trying to get it onto a program  that would download on line...- but it wasn't successful.  Maybe some knows a good free program to tell me about ?  :)


Sue Daurio said...

Oh Joan, you have really out done yourself with this gorgeous work of art!! Amazing!! What size is it? How many hours/days did this take? It is stunning!!

SewCalGal said...

It truly takes my breadth away. Absolutely stunning.