Friday, February 24, 2012

First feather efforts.

Running the risk of being labelled as 'the one with the wonky feathers', I have decided to post about my efforts this afternoon.
Behind in Sewgalcal's fmq challenge, I have only just got to February's tutorial by Diane Gaudynski. This is my first attempt at doing feathers.  I found the tutorial to be really clear and helpful, and very easy to follow.
What is lacking is my own experience and my first efforts are very uneven and sadly lacking in feather finesse, however I am sure my husband would be very impressed and not notice the imperfections!!

You can see from the photos that my freehand feathers didn't go well, so I have been drawing them in until I get some sort of feather-muscle-memory! I'm also having trouble keeping a nice even outer edge.
Thank you for enabling me to share; I am hoping that 'by going public' I will be doubly motivated to continue to practise and will hopefully be able to show you some better feathers another day :-)
And as a sideline---
Has anyone read/used either of the fmq-ing books that Diane Gaugynski has written? If  they as good as her tutorial I probably will end up getting them - but a thumbs up from other quilters would be nice first, and which one would be best to get first?
I'm interested also if anyone uses the Supreme Slider Diane talks about on her blog. Is it as useful as people say - I do sometimes seem to 'get stuck'? They are quite pricey to obtain here in New Zealand, so, once again, feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Happy quilting,


Jacquelin said...

Gracias por tu comentario y felicidades por tus plumas. Yo también estoy interesada en saber que tal funciona the supreme slider.

SewCalGal said...

I don't think your feathers are wonky. I think you are doing a great job. And, continual practice helps. Still, I think this would look great on your quilts.

I do enjoy the silicone sheets that Diane recommends. Really does help the quilt move more freely.


Shawn Schumacher said...

I did not want to fork out the money for the super slider. I use a piece of teflon pressing sheet taped down. Works great!

Linda said...

Your feathers look great to me!

Sue Daurio said...

Your feathers look great!! Keep practicing, because they only get better. Yes I have both of Diane's books and use them regularly. I got the thin book first and really liked it. Then I decided to get the second one. The first one has more of the different patterns and less of the getting the machine ready, batting etc. The other one, (the full regular size book) goes into more detail on the techniques, threads, machine speed, etc and a bit less on the patterns, although there's plenty in it. Just depends on what you are looking for. That slider is pricey. I have the thickest clear plastic I could get on my table and it works wonderfully. The full table was covered for less than what the supreme slider cost :) Some else suggested the teflon sheets, another great idea. Check out Target or bed bath and beyond for clearance baking sheets, they work just as good!!

matate10 said...

You're way too hard on yourself! For just learning you are doing excellent!!

Joanne said...

I can't believe this is your first feather - it looks fabulous!!

Tammy said...

Your first time feathers look great! Bravo..well done.

What Comes Next? said...

your feathers look great! Keep practicing and you'll be amazed at how quickly you become really comfortable with them. I've just order Diane's books,so haven't had a chance to see what they are like, but if her tutorial is any indication, they will be a wealth of info.

quiltfool said...

I've been following Diane for a long time online and am enjoying her book now very much. I'd recommend it or anything by Diane's teacher, Harriet Hargrave, whose books I read first. I love my supreme slider. If it cost 10 times as much, I'd still buy one. I forgot to put it in place the other day and remembered the hard way how wonderful it is. I bought it as a set with gloves and magic genie bobbin washers (another great tool) from Leah Day and Day Style designs. Good luck and your feathers look great! Lane