Saturday, March 31, 2012

My FMQ Challenge this month

I've done lots of FMQ this month, but not much in the way of background or fillers.  So, at the 11th hour I made this little sample of some fillers I commonly use along with some I have wanted to try. 

For the grids and straight lines, I used some thick acrylic templates for the first time.  By the time I finished, I think I may have had the hang of them.  I tried some tiny feathers in there (can you see them?), but they look so much like pebbles I decided they were worthless that small.  Another new one I tried was the triangles.  I like that one.  Kinda fun, kinda funky.

All in all, a fun exercise.  And since the point of this was practice, practice, practice, I think I fulfilled that with the FMQ throughout the month and the sampler at the end.

I'll finish this little guy off and send him to AAQI with my other two.

And what else have I been FMQing?  Why the Princess Star quilt, of course.  Here's a pic of outlining the central motif.  I'm working on outlining the star right now, but my Juki is in the shop for timing as is my Brother.  That leaves me with the dreaded Janome.  It's behaving so far. 


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Krista said...

It looks wonderful. I did not have time to do any quilting in March but am hoping to make up for it in April. BTW, I got a wonderful surprise in the mail last week! Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL bag (I LOVE IT!) and the thread snips and money for postage (totally not expected!). It made my week! Thank you!