Friday, March 30, 2012

My March FMQ-ing

After a busy Feather month in February, this blog has quietened down so I thought I would share my March efforts for the SewCalGal Challenge here as well as on my usual blog.
My practise piece - as you can see I am re-cycling my quilt sandwich!
In the photo below you can see I experimented and taped my applique mat to my table - it's my poor man's version of the slider mat that some recommend. I think it did make the surface more slippery and therefore it was easier to quilt. I am tempted to buy a proper one now.
I thought my Sew-Ezi table would be fairly slippery but not as much as the
applique mat!
 I must admit the fillers Ann Fahl suggested took more concentration than I thought they would - I challenged myself to do one loop clockwise, the next loop anti-clockwise, a heart, 2 more loops (both directions) then the star. The changes in direction then the straight lining had me thinking!
I used 40 weight Aurifil thread. I really liked it through my machine.
I usually only use the heavier weight,  for my stitcheries.
I'm also trying to experiment with different threads for the challenges this year.

The completed block in my sampler quilt. The photo doesn't do it justice.

I haven't tried the spiral flowers yet - they look fun so will definately givethema try. Also, I went ahead and bought both Diane Gaudynski books after last month's tutorial - love them :-)
Happy quilting everyone,

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