Sunday, October 28, 2012

SewCalGal 2012 FMQ Challenge Bonus #3 Diane Loomis

I am so very pleased with how this turned out.  Thank you to SewCalGal for hosting the 2012 FMQ Challenge and to Diane Loomis, who so graciously provided every single step to ensure near perfection.  What a fantastic teacher!  Never before have I been able to create such a beautiful piece - if I never make anything nicer in my entire life, I'll be satisfied.  :-)

Steps to Success:

1.  Purchased Hari Walner's book "Exploring Machine Trapunto:  New Dimensions" upon Diane Loomis' recommendation:

2.  Used a Frixion pen for the first time - the ability for fine detail was very important here for the sometimes tiny feathers:

3.  Used a light box to trace onto the fabric with my new Frixion pen 

4.  Read Hari Walner's informative book and along with Diane's instructions, also followed Hari's:

5.  Utilized "Vanish Extra" wash-away thread in the top, but used Guettermann cotton thread in the bobbin:

6.  Set my tension to 2.2 for the fine wash-away thread:

7.  Used a small scissors very carefully to clear away the excess wool batting:

8.  Switched to Guettermann embroidery thread in top and cotton bobbin thread once I prepared the quilt sandwich:

9.  And here 'she' is!

This time, I quilted very slowly...much more so than I ever had before.  

Do you like it?

Keep working on your goal - it took me two full years of summers and weekends to get this far!  

Best Wishes,


SewCalGal said...

Beautiful FMQ Mary Ann. I've not seen this book by Hari Walner, but have it on my wish list. Really looks like a great book and with Diane's recommendation I'm sure it is.

Do be careful with the Frixion pen. I've seen mixed results, but a great tool for practice sandwiches. Still, I recommend everyone do a thorough test of fabric marking pens before they use them on projects that they want to keep.


Wendy said...

Very lovely!!!

Mary Ann said...

Your cautionary statement regarding the Frixion pen for marking is duly noted, SewCalGal, thank you for the important tip. Thanks to you both for your encouraging words :-)

Joanne said...

It is absolutely beautiful! Good for you!
Nice that you mentioned how long you have been quilting- it is important for people to realize how much work needs to be done to get better at FMQ.
I agree about the Fixion pen, they were developed for paper not fabric, and might eventually eat away the fibres like the old wash away blue pens.

Mary Ann said...

Thank you, Joanne :-) In her book, Hari Walner recommends and uses blue wash-away marker as does Diane Loomis. I'm not really sure how else to mark something so very tiny. I guess that will need to be my next case study! How about dress maker's pencil? Any suggestions welcomed, Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts rocknquilts at live dot com

Anonymous said...

wow just stunning so tediously dine I can see just want to try this for sure Debbie Kelly

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