Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Colleen - Answering some questions

Mary Ann asked what kind of thread I use. I am going by recommendations of Harriet Hargrave and Diane Gaudynski.

I did my ditch stitching with Invisible thread made by Sew Art International. It is very fine and soft. I really like it. It is also some of the least expensive invisible thread there is. I used the dark thread because my fabrics are so dark.

For my bobbin work I am using Gutermann 50 wt. I bought this from Fat Quarter shop in the large spool.

My top quilting thread is YLI Soft Touch. It is a 60 wt thread. It is very fine and you can back stitch across it and not notice the double stitching. This thread is also less expensive than some of the other quilting threads.

Click on the photo to enlarge the writing.

Colleen of Oz also asked to see my full quilt. If you click on my name in the side bar, I posted a photo of the full quilt as my first post.

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Mary Ann & Mother said...

Thank you very much for the details on your thread choices and for the view of your full quilt!