Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 2 - more progress on baby girl quilting

I did the center for Day1 and the first border for Day 2. The first border is a little closer to my comfort zone, being a tighter pattern rather than larger, but the leaves and the curly q's seem to work.

Now, what to do on the last border???  I saw a cute pattern that a circle in the middle and then spikes coming off, like big sun rays.  I liked it but not sure I can do it and all the other quilting is softer edged.   Hmmmm suggestions????


What Comes Next? said...

this looks fabulous! I like the border quilting, but am nor sure I would go with the spiky paatern you are describing for the outer border. It sounds like a very neat pattern, but as you say, this is a softer, more rounded quilt. I might go with a variation on your central pattern - lowers, only tighter together, or possibly some curved crosshatching? Still, sometimes, a nice contrast in patterns is just the trick!

Linda said...

I love the quilting designs you have used. Very pretty!