Saturday, April 23, 2011

Janet's Day 2

Well my day did not turn out quite the same way as I had imagined it would!  I had fully expected to continue to work on my row robin quilt that I started yesterday.  Boring, but needs to be done.  But the sun shone today!  It was beautiful out - actually even warm!  So I had to enjoy the weather for awhile.
Once I came back inside, the sun was still so nice, I decided to do something just for it!  I've had this idea for awhile - ever since I saw this quilt that Emma did.  I thought it was just so neat!  Today was my day to try.  I came up with a sketch (lousy picture)
Pulled out my threads and got started!

Added some metalic holographic sliver for some sparkle!

McTavished the sky

and this is as far as I got today!

Just a little bit left to finish, and then some threads to bury.

Oh I love me a sunny day!


Colleen said...

Way cool!

Linda said...


Mary Ann & Mother said...

Wow! How did you get so close to the edges and still maintain great control?

Joanne said...

This is a technique I want to try.

What Comes Next? said...

Thank you everyone.
Mary Ann & Mother - on this quilt I did not cut the top down to its finished size before quilting, so in fact I will be trimming off some of the quilting around the edges when I'm finished when I square it up. In general though, I try to turn my quilt so that I almost always have my hands on the quilt to control it. This one will only be about 12" square, so it was pretty easy to turn and manage.

Colleen said...

Janet, your quilting is amazing!!! So creative!

quiltfool said...

I love your thread painting. That's marvelous! Lane