Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long Wavy Lines...

Yesterday's practice of FMQing was on a Log cabin block. I began in the middle and started curling outward...but I didn't like it and started the long wavy lines. So I took out the middle with the seam ripper, and then went over it with wavy lines to complete the same look all over. I liked it but you could see the holes... go to my post Fabric Forgiveness to see more.
I like the long wavy lines. But I also tried a few other patterns yesterday on an extra rag quilt block...
Today, I didn't get very much FMQ practice in.  What I did do was start on my FMQing on my Carpenter's Wheel block...but I didn't like how it out came the seam ripper. You can see the needle holes in the picture...hopefully this material is as forgiving as what I used on the log cabin block.
Day 6 and 7 complete...yet progress seems a little slow on my consistency of nice pattern. Halfway done!
   ~ the Mad Fabrictist

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quiltfool said...

Hi, Amanda. I've never had trouble with leftover needle holes after a quilt is laundered. If you're not laundering, you might want to spritz with some water and rub your finger over them. When they dry, they should be gone. Good luck. Lane