Thursday, April 28, 2011

FMQ Challenge Day 5 and Day 6

Tuesday Day 5  and Day 6  -26th  and 27th April 2011

Managed to get this done in a few moments of quiet. on Tuesday.

                                            Some more samples - this time different fillers.
I have been watching a video of Scharon Schambers from her site here
If you page down on the site you will  find  Spirit of Mother Earth  : Longarm Episode 7
Thats OK though as it is just as good for the DSM.
I sketched as I watched, and took the sketches with me to the machine...and have some samples now to refer to.

This was done in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday as I had to go to Perth for an appointment.
I forgot to put these up before I left.
Its Thursday and I have not been back from Perth for long, so need to get my next FMQ done soon.

I am actually so tired I have almost no idea of what I am doing - so this has taken severl edits!!


Mary Ann & Mother said...

These are very nice patterns - well done! Thank you so much for the video link, too!

Sue Daurio said...

they are both wonderful. I love the filler at the top. I really like the second one. I find when I have to do something symmetrical like this mine don't out as nice. Any helpful hints you can provide????

Linda said...

Wow! your quilting is wonderful. Thanks for the link. I have to try some of these.

corina said...

Lovely quilting! Thanks for the link too. Well worth watching.

What Comes Next? said...

love your quilting! Your continuous curves are so plump and full Joan - mine always look a little on the thin side - do you mark them at all? I love your filler samples! and thank you for the link!