Saturday, April 23, 2011

Joanne's Day 2

Quilting today was more fun.

I did some Mctavishing in the background of an applique block (as well as out-lining the applique). Using Aurifil thread and a #80 Microtex needle, with wool batting. I also slowed my machine down too.

Since this is a challenge - the challenge for me was trying to "tweak" how I stitch the design.

Usually I do a very even design (being neat and organized - there are other, not so nice words too! - is a curse sometimes), I would like my work to be more organic.

As I went along I tried being more free form - something I will try to keep working on.

Practice, Practice, Practice

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quiltfool said...

I recommend music. And, sway with the music. My quilting changes as the beat changes and gives me a very organic and unplanned look. I don't want that on every quilt, but it sure is nice when I want it and chair dancing is one way to get it. I think it makes me more spontaneous. Lane