Saturday, April 30, 2011

FMQ Challenge Day 9

Busy day today - in Perth - I think I must have driven over 400kms today...However I have managesd to get a small amount done and hope to get more accomplished tomorrow.

Trying some different varigated thread - Aurifil top and bottom.  Till I ran out of bobbin thread, and as I need to clean and oil the machine.  I have some wonderful instructions for that from the Bernina8 yahoo group.
I thought that was a good time to stop as I am way to tired to tackle more!
Also did a bit of filling, and tried out some 'bouncing bananas' that Diane Gaudynski does....not too good at those.
I hope to also learn some new things tomorrow as I have some leaves to work out...if I can ... in between getting my cushion done.
Will catch up again tomorrow.

I am astounded at how everyone is progressing - all the work is coming on so much.  Just great!!

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matate10 said...

Looking good, Joan!! Could tell you were getting tired on the bananas. I find those kind of hard to do. They look like they should be easy but I never know how long to stay on one stack and how to travel to the next then of course the only comparison is Diane G. Your head bands and your feathers look great! I LOVE using varigated and multicolored thread! But when I'm teaching beginning feathers, I encourage students to use solids that only contrast enough with the background to be able to see where to are well. The varigated thread can make the feathers look a little wonky especially if it is very high contrast. Also, your quilting will not show as many imperfections and your friends will really be in awe!! This challenge is really improving your skills by leaps and bounds. I'm having fun watching everyone progress. I only wish I could get my students to challenge themselves, but then I wouldn't have any customers to quilt for. Best keep my swishes to myself.