Friday, April 29, 2011

Corina - Day 1

True to form I am starting on the last possible day! All week I was planning on which quilt I was going to free motion quilt on. At the last minute I opted to start with some muslin and scrap batting (totally chickened out). I've quilted a few of my quilts with good old meandering, or wavy lines, but never with actual designs. I find the thought of starting on a real project a bit daunting (which is why I have a stack of free motion doodling samples, but not many finished quilts). Perhaps after a few days of practicing I will give it a go. For now I would like to practice my feathers. I'm not unhappy with them from far away, but up close I need to get my stitch length more even and the feathers a bit smoother and longer (the whole feather seams kind of narrow). I also need practice following marked lines. Every time I've tried to quilt a motif on something by following the lines it looks like I've been drinking more than just coffee!
back of sample


Colleen said...

I think it looks pretty good.

Linda said...

Your feathers are great!

Sue Daurio said...

your feathers look great. I love the pattern you have at the top between the feathers. I really want to try that one.

Mary Ann & Mother said...

Your practice piece looks great - a warm up for your quilt! Can't wait to see what you'll be doing.