Sunday, April 24, 2011

Janet - Day 3

no sunshine today, back to the rain, and I just wasn't getting overly inspired today! 
I did finish off the last bit of McTavishing on my little Sunny Days quilt from yesterday

And then did a little more FM stitch in the ditch on the row robin quilt, but I still don't know what to practice on it, so just grapped a sandwich to play on.  One thing I want to do more practice with is stitching straight lines when I'm FMQing, so that was my exercise today

and then I tried some curved crosshatching

But, using the edge of my hopping foot as my guide means that these quilting lines are all really close together, and I fear if I do this on a real quilt, I'll end up with a piece of stiff cardboard!  What are your favourite battings to keep a quilt supple, even when there is a lot of quilting on it?

(all quilting today done with Gutterman cotton thread 50W, top and bobbin, 80/12 topstitch needle (this is my fave needle to use just about always), Acrtic Cotton batting and muslin.  The Sunny Days quilt has a mixture of Gutterman cotton 50W, Sulky rayon and Holoshimmer thread on top with Gutterman cotton 50W in the bobbin, all on a polished cotton sheeting which demanded that I use a Microtex needle.  A poly blend batting was used.  All quilting done on my HV Lily 555, feed dogs down.)


Joanne said...

Your FMQ is fantastic as always.
I like to use wool batting. I find that it stays supple with lots of quilting and I like the puffiness.
I have heard good things about silk batting too.

Home Designs by Amanda said...

Your lines and crosshatching is great...very inspiring! Maybe someday I'll be able to do that too!

Joan said...

Looks great Janet. Cross hatching s not easy.

What Comes Next? said...

Thank you all!
and thanks Joanne - I have some wool batting here that I've not used yet - must give it a try!

Linda said...

Your quilting is beautiful! I love your straight lines. I sure need practice on that.