Friday, April 29, 2011

Day two and three - Raewyn

I've been doodling and scribbling and here are my efforts from the last two days.

Day Two
Day Three
Still nothing very exciting to show but I feel a bit more confident already - even though I'm still very jerky and haven't always got control. I've been practising swirls as in Joanne's Tutorial (link on Tutorial page) and today I got 'creative' and did some hearts.
Hearts for Will and Kate

We have visitors staying so my practise time is a bit limited. I am looking forward to having a really good blast. I love looking at what everyone else is achieving!


Joanne said...

Your are doing fantastic!!

What Comes Next? said...

I like your Kate & Wills hearts - very cute!

JayTee said...

I think you show improvement