Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 3 of FMQ

I'm kind of embarrassed to post this picture, but I'm done practicing for today, so I have to!  I drew some lines on the muslin to make 4" squares divided in half diagonally because I am quilting a quilt with blocks that size.  I'm trying to decided if I want to do some more quilting on it besides stitching in the ditch.

I had some trouble with thread, so I had to change it a couple times.  You probably can't see the lines, but I tried some designs in each half of the squares as well as practiced some feathers filling up each half and the whole square.  

I am getting somewhat more comfortable with feathers, but I feel a 4" square is too small for them, so I will probably just leave it as is right now.  It is very helpful to see what other people are doing.  Some of you don't seem like you need much practice!

Happy Easter.  Ruth


Wendy said...

That's the wonderful thing about this blog, all levels of FMQers are here.

Mine, during last year's FMQ Challenge, looked worse than yours (and still sometimes do)!

I find that my machine likes specific threads, but doesn't like others (even ones "everyone" is supposed to like).

Joanne said...

You sure are improving fast! Good for you.♥

What Comes Next? said...

I think your feathers are looking great! Keep at it and that 4" square will a piece of cake!

Joan said...

Dont be embaressed. Your quilting is really coming on. Its good to see improvents, and you will get heaps better with all that practise.