Thursday, April 28, 2011

FMQ Challenge Day 3-4

Busy time here...watching the weather also. Thankfully all the thunderstorms have subsided and no tornadoes here.  Sun is shinning again.

Day 3:  Practiced more of the circle and leaf things ( 2 rows not in pic). I feel they
show improvement. The hearts looked sort of OK going in one direction, but going back across
they were bad news!!!

Day 4: More practice on hears, better, but still plenty of room for improvement.
The flowers  on the chain were pretty easy!!! I think I could use them in a border.

STILL on the first page of basics...maybe tomorrow I'll turn the

My quilt guild is hosting a Day Of Sharing this spring. The theme is Recycle. Our challenge was to use scraps, etc. and make an item....I used selvedges, left over pieces of batting  and plastic canvas and made a catch all to hold scissors, bobbins, accessories, etc. on my midarm table. I think I made it a little too tall, but maybe it will hold more.

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