Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FMQ Day 6 Mary Ann/ND

Day six was very stiff at first with the small circular feathers to start; then better...practiced going left with l's and e's which, by the end was quite smooth.  This would be the perfect warm-up to do for 20 minutes before beginning a quilt.  Harriet Hargrave recommends a 20 minute warm-up on a practice piece before beginning the actual quilt.  That seems like a solid recommendation.

Prescencia thread 60w/3 ply top and bottom
muslin squares
warm & natural batting
tension set to 2
Baby Lock Quest Plus

The machine stopped part way through because the bobbin thread had a small knot!  This was the first time I'd ever had that experience.

The Aerofil Madeira used yesterday flowed more smoothly for quilting; whereas the Prescenia 60/3 is just wonderful for piecing.

Above is where the bobbin started acting up.

The following youtube video is one of the most uplifting stories I've ever heard's about a quilter from Texas who is blind, but that doesn't stop her!  I found it while blog hopping today.  Enjoy!


Joan said...

Wow - you're progressing Mary Ann. Looks like you are getting lots done too.

Linda said...

Your wreath is great!