Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 5

Everyone’s progress looks awesome!  It’s very encouraging.  Daily practice, daily exercise.  That’s what it takes!


Today, day 5 for me, I finished my little warm-up sample piece.  This measures 6.5 inches.  It’ll be used as a panel in some kind of quilt along with the other salmon colored piece that I’ll be working on as warm-up next.  Not a stressful day, but exhausting so I just left it at a little FMQ.  Following the lines was a bit tougher for me tonight, but it was relaxing.  There IS method to my madness.  This big quilt I’m doing has those feather wreaths and I need to decently follow the circle I drew.  Not an easy task for someone who could never draw along a line before.  Sewing along a line is easier, I think.  Anyway, here’s the piece finished, front and back.


IMG_2828      IMG_2829




Colleen said...

Wendy it looks fabulous!!! Thanks for the challenge!

Helen said...

Love how the apricot turned out!!! Puts me in mind of a brocade!!!! Very nice! (And I LOVE the Friendship star quilt!!!!)