Saturday, April 30, 2011

FMQ Day 9 Mary Ann/ND

Today my goal was to completely free motion without any pre-set design.
YLI see-through clear in the top
Sulky 40W rayon sunny yellow variegated thread in bobbin
I chose fabric with a design I could follow, then chose to continue to add thread in circles and swirls, for a 'sunshine' effect.
My batting was white felt which would be appropriately flat for a mug rug.

It is such a dark, gray morning here (rain and snow) that it was quite challenging to take photos.
Now you can see why I'd like to create a little sun :-)

Prom is tonight for my DD!  Crossing my fingers that there won't be a blizzard, even though we are currently in a blizzard warning.

God bless the families across the southeast who have faced such terrible destructive tornadoes this past week.   
Sending lots of loving thoughts and prayers your way!

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