Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 2 was more fun...

even if it was very late! I made Amber another bib and a matching burp rag. The fronts are cream floral with a purple back. The FMQ seamed allot easier tonight, however, I was messing around a little with the settings on my sewing machine to see which I liked better. The one I liked the best was when I forgot to but the foot lever down...but that caused issues with the stitching on the backs...which you can see in the photos.

So I think I've decided on a setting of 4 for stitch length and the tension on my thread. We'll see if I stick to this as the challenge progresses.

Before I started stitching on the bib and rag, I did a small sample that ended up with a flower on it.

Sorry about the blurry picture...hope you can still see it.

Happy Easter, Celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord, and see you tomorrow for my 3rd day of FMQing!

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quiltfool said...

The lever activates the tension, so I haven't been able to quilt with the lever up. But, on one of my machines, I've left the foot off and lowered the lever. That activates the tension discs, but there's no foot to get in the way of my quilting. But, that's dependent on whether the post that holds the foot is short enough to stay out of the way and off the quilt. My Bernina feet have the post attached, so leaving them off the machine is a breeze. Lane