Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sue - Day 5

Taking the easy way out today.  I was FMQ straight lines on a Bargello.  I know I don't need to FMQ the lines, but really it goes so much faster!  Just doing a diagonal line through each square to try to enhance the pattern.  On the border I would love to do a curved grid, but not sure I'm brave enough.  Anyone have any helpful hints for a curved grid?  Other suggestions for the border?  Your comments are greatly appreciated!

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matate10 said...

Beautiful job on your straight line FMQ. Actually doing Straight lines this way is helpful for your FMQ skill level. It's also easier to manage the quilt in the machine doing FMQ than letting the machine guide it through. Ive found the drag of the quilt wonkifies the stitches before you realize it when you are not in control of the stitch length.