Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Motion Quilt Challenge

Joan's FMQ Challenge Day 4

Have been unwell most of yesterday and some of today.  Visiters here ( family and more family arriving soon for tonights meal.).  My youngest daughter Heather, and Andrea are thankfully in charge of the food!
I have done this small bit of FMQ  ( a 6 inch square) in beween being chatted to, phone calls, family,  and our killer Poodle trying to catch the chooks!!

I was begining to make a mess of my cushion, so switched to this sample above, so I havn't missed a day for the challenge.

Now this sample is quilted using a batting of wool underneath and cotton on four layers. 
The fabric is well starched - top and bottom and moves really well while being quilted.

Now  am off to rest and be waited on some more..not sure about the eating though'
Hopefully a little more quilting tomorrow.


Colleen said...


What Comes Next? said...

It's beautiful Joan. Now go rest and enjoy being looked after!

Linda said...

I love your feathery square!

JayTee said...

Your work is beautiful!