Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jen Day 2

I was so excited about quilting yesterday that I left work an hour early to get more time in! I took pictures of my quilt all prepped for quilting:

There's my kitchen chip-clips holding my rolled quilt together. And there's my paper pinned to the top of my quilt. I pin in small, manageable sections so the paper doesn't get all wrinkled from me wrestling it through the machine.

I quilted a wreath and two feathers. Then I unrolled the quilt and counted how many wreaths I need to do. 64 full wreaths. One billion feather sprays. Oh my. Now I hate my quilt again.

I have quite the Love/Hate Relationship with this quilt.


Cathy said...

Your wreath is beautiful. Don't think about it and before you know it you will be done.

corina said...

I like your wreath. Just think, by the time you finish this quilt you will be an expert at making feather wreaths!