Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gaining control...

On Monday - my day 4 - I did a few very small items. A pin cushion top, a small plaque, and what will become a coaster...

Pin cushion top

Pin cushion top back

Plaque and coaster
Then Tuesday - day 5 - I used an extra square that had been left over from a quilted rag bag I made around Christmas. I think I might bind it and use it as a mug rug...
The FMQing seems to be getting easier. I'm gaining a little more control, however, I do feel like I'm fighting the machine at times. It feels like it wants to pull the fabric it's own way. Is this because the feed dogs aren't lowered? I don't have that option on my machine. Before I even started my FMQ the lady at the sewing machine shop told my to put the stitch length on 0, but that didn't seem to do anything. I'll have to keep working at it... I still have 9 days of regular practice to work on my FMQing.

     ~ the Mad Fabrictist

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