Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day #7

One week has passed already! Still working on my string quilt.  Did 3 more blocks today.  The end is in sight. I want to get this finished so I can move on to something else. I have a wallhanging that I am looking forward to quilting feathers but I don't want to start until I am finished with my string quilt.   I promised myself I wouldnt start anything new until I am finished with the quilt I am working on now.  My machine has been working so wonderfully this past week.I am so impressed.   It absolutely loves the Wonderfil Konfetti 50wt thread with an 80/12 Universal needle, and believe me,  I have tried every thread and every size needle, to date, trying to find what my machine will love. I still have the feed dogs up. I switched a few times and put the dogs down, but had skipping and thread breakage, so I am convinced, for me, that having the feed dogs up is what works. I havent had to adjust the tension at all.I didnt add a photo because you have already seen my string quilt in progress in previous posts.     

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