Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colleen/Oz day 5 - 6

I havent had much time to sew but did work on a couple of Mug Cozy's I am making for the fundraiser Festival. The pink with black dots was fun I tried to create a flower pattern by connecting the dots with curves. These are only 3" x 10" finished. The USMC mug cozy I did a mini meander stitch around the emblems, you cant see it from the front side in the pic but can see it on the back. I have made 10 of these so far. They will have velcro for closure. They fit a 10" mug.
Happy FMQ!


corina said...

I love your idea of joining the dots!

Linda said...

Very nice Colleen. Your flowers are so cute.

Mary Ann & Mother said...

Great fabric and FMQ design! Thank you for the size you're using - this is a great idea for FMQ!

What Comes Next? said...

I love how you connected the dots to make flowers - very cute. These are a great and useful little item to be practicing on!