Friday, April 22, 2011

A Couple Changes

I hear the hum of sewing machines!!!  Awesome!

I made a couple minor changes to our blog.  First, I added links for each one of us so we can see our daily progress.  This only works if people put their names in the label field.  If I have your name incorrect, or you'd rather be called something else ... nice ... then leave a comment here and I'll fix it.  There are 2 Wendys now, so the other one is Wendy21 (since we both have the same last initial, too).  I'm just Wendy.

Second change, instead of having the members list (which becomes redundant at this point since everyone who is a member has a link to their daily progress page), I put up a blog listing. 

The third thing is something I think most of you don't know.  You can add tips and tutorials to those pages.  Just make like you're going to add a new post to the main blog, then go to "Edit Pages".  Pick which page you want to enter info on and scroll to the bottom of the window and add your info.  Or (the easy way), once you're signed in, you can just go to the page you want to add to, and click the on the pencil on the bottom.  Be careful here.  You can easily erase what someone else has put.  I'll make frequent backups of those pages so that if things do get messed up (accidents DO happen sometimes), then nothing will be lost.

If you ever need to review any info I post, just type the word "info" in the search box at the top left corner and it should all pop up.

That's all for now.



Mary L. said...

I received your invitation email but it just takes me to my own blog and not to one I can join this one. I will start with you all, but with an expected death in the family any day, we will probably be traveling and away from home during the challenge. I'll do what I can.

Mary L. said...

Fogot to add..and don't expect tto be considered for the prizes if I am unable to do all 14 days.

Joan said...

All looks great WEndy. I was trying to answer all the comments - but I am way too tired at this time in the morning when I usually get on the computer - its nearly 2.0am - or will be by the time I get to bed. Its great to see everyone here and that this is such a popular challenge .. I love it...