Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 1

Well I've started! now to keep going for the next 21 14 consecutive days!
This is the machine that I plan on using for this challenge, although I do have a HV Mega Quilter as well that has a deeper throat, I quite enjoy working on my HV Lily 555.

this was before I put my quilting foot on
Today I decided I would do some continuous curves in the squares that appear in several of the rows of my quilt.  Thought being if they are consistent, it will help pull the quilting together throughout.

I also worked on some FMQ in the ditch on one of the rows.

While my fall back quilting design has become feathers, I really want to try to not use feathers in this quilt, although I expect the odd one will make an appearance!

Now to figure out what comes next?


Wendy said...

Feathers do seem to be the "go to" design, don't they. While I love them, I'm getting plenty tired of them. I use vines and flowers a lot, too.

Jen said...

Pretty! Do you do continuous line quilting?

Joan said...

I mudst admit to being addicted to feathers...cant help myself. I LOVE that quilt - such beautiful colours!!