Friday, April 22, 2011

FMQ 1 Mary Ann/ND

This is my first time on a new machine and first time trying FMQ since November 6-7th, 2010.
This is my eighth attempt ever.
90/14 needle
Top thread:  Sulky 40W variegated yellow/brown
1st try:  black Sulky fine bobbin thread
(I wanted the back to show up for this post.)
2nd try:  white Sulky fine bobbin thread
Tension: 0
Stitch: A 01
Machine:  Baby Lock Quest Plus
Batting:  Warm & Natural
Material:  Muslin

I almost didn't post this because it looks so wonky!

This is the 3 ring binder I created to save my work for future reference.
This will be invaluable when planning to quilt my quilts.

Close-up of feather, name Katie, hearts, flowers, figure 8's...

I like how the 'daisy' on the right turned out with the yellow as the petals and the brown as the center - I didn't plan that and wonder if I could make that with any type of regularity?

Hopefully, we'll see improvement over the next 14 days!

I'm thankful for this challenge
welcome your comments, critique and suggestions to improve.

Thank you!

Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts

Baby Lock Quest Plus RL foot darning/embroidery

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quiltfool said...

Just catching up. Great practice piece. One thing I did to practice was write my name, over and over. I have so much trouble using two different weight threads in different colors. Seems I always get a popup or popdown. And, love the idea of the binder. Lane