Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello from Colleen #2

Now you have 2 Colleen's for the FMQ Challenge!  My blog is:

if you want you can call me Colleen/Oz or you choose a name.
I will be starting after my company leaves on Sunday, looking forward to FM quilting every day, I have lots of projects to finish. This will also help me get closer to completing Myra's PhD Challenge by June 1!!!
Happy Quilting to All!


Joan said...

Hi Colleen - just went to visit your blog - I think thats your emil address you have there. I will visit again soon

Joanne said...

I added your blog link to the side bar. It is funny how both "our" Colleens have "Quilting Journey's".♥

Wendy said...

And Mary's is and Oz one, too!

Colleen said...

Quite a coincidence, we all are on a quilting journey and often end up going down the yellow brick road to find the emerald city and are in need of the great and wonderful OZ to send us back home! (Hidden meaning!)
Translation --- I sometimes need to stop quilting and cook!!! or keep grandchildren, that is what I am doing now, hence not starting FMQ Challenge until Sunday afternoon or Monday. On my blog you can see pics of the 11 Wizard of OZ quilts I have made, which is the reason for the name of my blog!

luntville said...

I have never known another Colleen. It is really unique that we both chose similar names for our blogs. Good minds run in the same direction.