Friday, April 22, 2011

Peg’s Challenges–Day 1

So for the first day, I pulled out a set of red and white coasters, and a mug-rug.  These are made from scraps, and I could use all the same thread in the top.

At a class some time ago, it was recommended that we use a heavier weight thread on the spool, and light, very light weight in the bobbin – so that’s what I always do.  At that same class the instructor recommended a metallic needle, because of the groove just above the eye, making for a smoother slide for the thread – so that got changed.  My machine is a Brother, and for FMQ I don’t have the option of leaving the feed dogs engaged.  So with thread changed top and bottom, darning foot attached, metallic needle inserted, feed dogs disengaged, speed set at 2/3 – the gloves went on!  I use garden gloves that I bought, actually, at a quilting shop – really!  The instructor at the class said to never, never use gardening gloves, but I’d already bought them, and I’m not sure the reasoning for not using these – they fit just like Machingers, and much much cheaper!

And at the end of my first day:

005         005

Some simple stippling just to try to get my speed and stitch length.  I used red thread because I wanted the contrast on the white stripes.

I won’t be doing any other kind of sewing for the next 2 weeks – good thing, I’m pretty well caught up with my projects.

Happy FMQ!        Blessings, Peg


Jen said...

Great work! That's a strange comment about the gardening gloves. I wonder what the reasoning is. Those are really cute and would make a great decoration for a picnic!

Joanne said...

Looking great.♥

Colleen said...

Good job! Love the red/white stripes!

Mary Ann & Mother said...

I love the red thread on white fabric - it's stunning! Wouldn't these be fun for Christmas, too?