Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello from North Dakota

Wendy sent me an invitation and I am thrilled to be joining you for the FMQ Challenge.  I recently purchased a New Generation quilting frame, but it is not here yet, so my FMQ squares will be done on my Baby Lock Quest Plus.  I have sixteen 18x18" squares of different types of battings from Harriet Hargrave and will practice on those with muslin, then plan to mark each one of the practice pieces with date, pattern, tension, thread & needle choice, name of batting, etc.  These are meant to then be washed and marked with original size and shrinkage size after each washing.  I'll then three hole punch them and keep them all in a reference binder for future quilts.

I purchased these practice squares online from Harriet's store...

and plan to utilize her book "Machine Heirloom Quilting", also available on her site.

I was fortunate enough to take her class last fall on FMQ when she came to our town for a quilt guild meeting.

Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts 

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