Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm soooo excited!

I love FMQ and I love pushing myself to make it better and better.  The progress I see in myself, even over two weeks daily practice is just amazing!  Can't wait to get started.  And it's more fun sharing that with friends.

Eventually, when we get enough posts, I'll post pages where you can see all of a single person's posts so you can see the progress each of us will make.  In order for that to work, though, you'll need to use your name as a label. 

Get your quilt sandwiches ready, because The FMQ Challenge begins Friday!!!


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What Comes Next? said...

This should be good! Not entirely sure yet what I'll be working on - I prefer actual projects for practise rather than sample sandwiches as it gets me used to working on a larger piece. Perhaps I'll do up a donation quilt or two to work on. Bring it on!