Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Introduction

I'm Wendy

I'm fairly new to the quilting world, just into it about 3 years now.  I prefer to do my FMQ freehand.  I love the wild look my quilts get from it.  The only times I draw a pattern is when I do big circles like those for feather wreaths.  I'm always struggling to try to find new designs because I get tired of feathers and flowers.  Um... what else?  My biggest problem with FMQ?  It's speed control.  I sew like I drive:  Off and GOOOO!  Gotta get some foot control there.


Kim B said...

I am participating and I am brand new to FMQ but so excited to learn and practice. So I will try not to FMQ like I drive....ZOOOOMMMMMM.

Renate said...

I'm game! I need the practice!