Friday, April 22, 2011

Questions answered

Hi Mary-Anne
OK - I am using a Bernina 820 machine, my needle is a 70 Microtex needle  and my threads are silk on the top and Aurofil 50W in the bobbin.  My batting is an heirloom wool. This batting is my first choice.  I have a roll of it here.  I also have a roll of some cotton wadding which I dont really like, but have so much of it here, its what I should really practise on.
For show work I am going to try to use two battings,  one wool and the other cotton ...  together - I have some prepared to try some things out with, and will let you know when I use it.  Hopefully there will be a difference.

I draw everything!
and I practise with my drawings.

I habve a scap pice of prepared fabic handy so I can be sure my tension is OK..and I can now do these feathers very quickly...only because of the practise :)

I will post the actual cushion I made with this design later in the week  on my blog - its a gift and I cant post it yet.
It was a 12" block with a border.

I have this book that I keep things in, once I have them more or less sorted in my head.
Its a good reference. Not always good, but good to look back on.

If I am going out anywhere - I take a notebook with me and keep drawing all the time.

I have joined Sharon Schamber's site as a Premium member , and this is what I learnt from one of her video's, which I am able to download as a member - well worth the expense! I can stop the video and draw as I watch.  If you look close you can see where I got some feathers the wrong way :)

I spend hours doing this, and often have the laptop with me so I can sew what I am watching!

On one design walls are some of my drawings,  some used,  some waiting to be used and some playing.
Its just another organised mess :)

Hope that has been of some help

Ask me anything - I only started quilting like this, last year when Wendy and Joanne had their I have improved some :)
You can do it too !!
I love what you are all posting.  Practise Practise Practise.


Joanne said...

Thank-you for showing us what goes on before you actually start quilting. Amazing what you have accomplished in a year.

What Comes Next? said...

Improved some?! I would have thought you were quilting for years - not just a year! I love seeing the process behind the product - gives me some ideas of what I should be doing - like doodling and sketching more. Thank you Joan for a very informative post!

Mary Ann & Mother said...

Oh, my! In only one year? What marvelous improvement! This is very encouraging news - THANK YOU!!