Friday, April 22, 2011

What a Challenge...

So, mid-morning today I went to the sewing store to purchased my darning foot, then once we returned home from town, I was able to begin my FMQing with my new sewing machine foot.

WOW! I didn't think it would be this awkward. My first piece was this bib for Amber.
Here is a closer look at the quilting...

Sorry for the bad lighting.
And then I finished it by adding bias tape to the edge...
My FMQing is a bunch of lines, squiggles and bad loops...and one meager attempt at a flower. I'm going to continue my practicing on another bib, the oversized mug rug, and possibly, before the end of the 2 week challenge, a grocery bag dispenser.

I've decided to do quilting I'm a little more familiar with - which will probably include my walking foot - on the casserole carrier, since it will be seen in public :) !

I am looking forward with anticipation to the progress I make during the Free Motion Quilting Challenge...especially since I've never FMQed before in my life!

Thanks for the encouragement!


Wendy said...

A good beginning. Trying to FMQ is like drawing by moving the paper instead of the pencil. It just takes practice. Don't get discouraged! Remember, everyone's first attempt is nothing but lines and squiggles.

Joanne said...

Great first attempt! Good for you - it will only get better.