Wednesday, May 11, 2011

any tricks for curved feathers?

I do fine on the fairly straight feathers, but when I try to put a curve in the feather, the inside of the curve is where I have trouble.  Any help hints out there from you wonderful quilters?

I can't stop with the challenge, you've created a monster!!!  I have another quilt sandwiched and working on it now.  As you might have guessed I'd like to add some curved feathers, IF I can get the whole inside thing figured out, otherwise it will be on to plan B.


Joanne said...

The inside curves of feathers are always much trickier than the outside curve.
I think of the lobes as "hockey sticks" or "ying/yang" symbols. With practice you will develop a style that works for you and that you like (the real issue).
Check out my feathers part 2 tutorial on the tutorial page for some help.
Good luck!

Cheryl M. said...

Sue I posted some help for the curved feather, look for the label on feather.
Cheryl M.

quiltfool said...

For me, the secret is not to try to get as many feathers on the inside curve as the outside. Maybe I'll only get 2 on the inside for every 3 on the outside. That keeps my feathers on the inside curve from getting too tight where they join the stem. Good luck! Lane

Sue Daurio said...

you guys are awesome!!! thanks so much for the tips, can't wait to try it later today.