Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 6 and 7

Day 6: decided to practice more curves...I need them!!!  Even tried some feathers....not good.

I decided to try to loose loops...some were fairly even. I've seen them used on some quilts and it looked very nice.

Day 7: I decided to do more hearts...I think I will be able to use meandering hearts on some projects...most of the hearts looked OK ( at least to me....some of the work I've seen that others show is so good...I am embarrassed to show anything!!!!LOL!

Practiced more stars...I get tangled up on where do I go next!!!

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matate10 said...

Get a cheap spiral notebook and practice drawing the patterns you want to use. This will help train your brain to know where to go next. Don't throw away your pages, they come in handy to trace over with your finger later just to practice when you want to do that pattern again. Your hearts, stars, loops, and those double loopy things all look very, very good and you can build all kinds of quilting patterns from those shapes.
Keep on going!!