Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day #14

This is my Day #14 in the FMQ Challenge - I did it!! I FMQ'd for 14 days straight.  It was an awesome experience.  I accomplished my goal of learning how to make feathers and I started and finished the quilting on a quilt top that I made last year.  I am very satisfied with my progress and I am now confident to continue experimenting with various designs.  I would like to thank Joanne and Wendy for hosting this challenge and also a big thank-you to all the participants for the lovely comments that inspired me to continue.  We all did a great job!I spent some time today working on the border of my wallhanging. I am close to being finished and this project will hang in my sewing room as a reminder of the fun I had the last two weeks and also of how much I learned in two short weeks. 


Mary L. said...

Great job!

Mary Ann & Mother said...

It was fun and I'm glad to hear you plan to continue on! Can't wait to see your work next year!