Friday, May 13, 2011

Challenge Drawing Winners

Wendy and I drew the names for the prizes.

Wendy will be sending this lovely book to Sue.

I will be sending this fat quarter bundle to Corina.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants!! It has been another wonderful challenge! We have enjoyed seeing every ones improvements. If we keep at it, imagine how good we will be next year. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Wendy and I are planning on keeping this blog going. We will be hosting different challenges through out the year - so keep an eye out! We hope that participants will keep posting their free motion quilting work on the blog and to encourage each other.

Thanks again to everyone!!


Sue Daurio said...

Woohoo!!! I've never won a giveaway, how exciting!!! Thank you!

Thanks so much for hosting the challenge, I can't wait for the next one. I've tried things I never dreamed of, learned things that have helped me to improve and very excited about continuing down this path!

Linda said...

Congrats to Sue and Corina!

corina said...

I promise to give the fat quarters a loving home! Thank you!

Mary Ann & Mother said...

That's great news that you're going to continue to have "challenges"! I'm up for that! Thanks and congratulations, Corina and Sue!

Raewyn said...

Congratulations to the winers and congratulations to everyone who completed the 14 days challenge. I'm so pleased the blog will carry on and I look forward to taking part in more challenges, etc.

Joan said...

Congrats to Sue and Corina. Well done :)