Friday, May 13, 2011

Colleen - Day 13 & 14 photos

On day 13 and 14 I finished the quilting on my quilt. I am so proud of it. I know I would have quilted it without this challenge, but it was fun to quilt it and show my pictures to every one. It was a fun challenge. Thanks to everyone.

Click on the photos to get a closer look at the quilting.

I love how the wool batting makes the design puff up like trapundo. This looks so pretty on the bed.

I will bind it as soon as I can and post the photos of the finished quilt here.

Thanks again to everyone.


Joan said...

Looks great - no wonder you are so pleased with it - you should be :)

Raewyn said...

This is great Colleen. It has been fun watching this quilt progress.

Sue Daurio said...

It's beautiful. I've really enjoyed watching along the way.

JayTee said...

nice work on yur project