Monday, May 2, 2011

Joanne's Day 10 and 11

I am still working on the little sampler.

Day 10 - I finished up the coloured thread and started working on the background, with some echoing using beige thread.

Day 11 - I did some "Diane-shiko" - from Diane Guadynski on the bottom of the sampler.
I tried a marker that came with my machine. It is the first time I used it and I thought it was a marker that washed out, but it turned out it was a disappearing marker. I was racing to quilt before the lines disappeared.

The sampler so far. I used two layers of wool batting (which I wouldn't recommend and won't try again - the stitches were loopy sometimes because of the thickness), and that is why the non-quilted part is so puffy. It will all be flat in the end.

Every one is doing so well with the challenge. Great to see!



corina said...

I just love your piece. I love the contrast of the flowing feathers and bird with the uniformity of the Diane-shiko. Beautiful!

What Comes Next? said...

this just looks so amazing! I love the texture!

Joan said...

Beautiful piece Joanne - lovely work!!

Sue Daurio said...

just amazing!!!

Linda said...


JayTee said...

I love your design...your quilting is beautiful