Wednesday, May 11, 2011

curved feathers

This post is to help Sue with curved feathers or anybody else for that matter. I would post this in the tip section, but I don't have the ability to post there. So if Wendy or Joanne wants to more this there, I am fine with that. Anyway, When you do a inside curved feather you have to modify the base of the feather so that they are slightly wider and change the angel of the top of the feather more to the center of the inside curve. Some people will do a wonky type of feather in doing curved feathers to avoid the long skinny feathers in the curved area. In doing the wonky type you scoop the top out into the blank area and then do a smaller feather to close up the space then do a another feather normally. Always remember to start the feather from the spine with a 45 degree angel where the feather starts its little curve. I hope this makes sense and not to muddy, if anybody wants I will try to clarify more later. Here are a couple of pictures to help, sorry of the poor resolution I took them with my phone.

Cheryl M.


Sue Daurio said...

Oh this is very helpful thanks!! going to print this out and hang them in the sewing room until I can get. Thanks so much!!

Joanne said...

I added a link to this post on the FMQ tips page.

Mary Ann & Mother said...

Thank you for the great info!

Linda said...

Thanks! great info.