Thursday, May 5, 2011

Days 12, 13, 14 and for the next few weeks

I’ve been working on the feather wreaths for my mother’s quilt.  Nothing exciting.  Here’s a picture of one in process.  I used the red piece as a warmup.  I don’t have any plan for it, so I probably won’t continue with it and will start a different one soon.  Or maybe I’ll just keep fooling around with this one until it’s a mass of backgrounds. 

IMG_2838              IMG_2839

Anyway, I’m done with my Challenge:  14 days of FMQ.  I’ve really become more confident over the past two weeks.  It shows in my stitching.  Not only are my feathers more plump and fuller, but the stitches are more even.  I wonder how it will look after I finish this quilt.



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Mary Ann & Mother said...

Fantastic! Practice sure does make the difference!